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As proud American Patriots, we believe it matters that the products we make and sell our made in America. Building a difference in what we do.

Our Story


  • The Problem

    What started out as a quest to find a t-shirt for the upcoming 4th of July holiday trigged our founder as he searched for a cool shirt. Many were found, but, well most of the options provided some nice designs but all on imported shirts. How could that be? Shirts that represent patriotism not being made on tees made in America?

  • Something needed to be done

    After thinking about it for six months it was time to do somthing about it. So we established the core mission, the beliefs, the ideas and started putting together a plan to make products in the USA that were high quality. But there was one more thing, we needed to give back to those that have sacraficed so much to this great country. It was time to make it happen.  We wanted to do more than be just a better t-shirt site, we decided to take a creative angle and offer a unique, different approach, we wanted something that could be part of a families home, something with meaning, so we are proud to make flags, custom art and of course t-shirts all made here in the USA.  

  • Launch

    Working through product iterations and building the ecommerce site lead us to the launch of We look forward to you all enjoying the Seventeen76 product family and look forward to making an impact with our dontations.

    Our story is just beginning...

Our Founder

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